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“Hold On.” Not When You Use Custom Document Holders!

Many industries and professions rely heavily on paper documentation to do business. For some, there is a seemingly never-ending sea of paperwork to keep organized. Any home or automobile owner knows just how tired a hand can get when signing beside the X countless times, on countless pages.

There is no better way to keep all of those forms organized, and establish immediate credibility with your clients and customers, than with customized document holders from Evergreen Manufacturing.

As with all of our business products, Evergreen’s document holders can be customized for size and color, allowing you to come up with an easy filing system for all of your documents and eliminate clutter. You’ll always know where each particular form is so you’re not shuffling through a pile of papers or rifling through your desk drawers while your client sits waiting with a pen in hand.
Perfect, not only for real estate agents, mortgage brokers and car dealerships, Evergreen document holders are an ideal organizational tool for banks, insurance agencies, financial consultants, travel agencies, educational institutions, government agencies and any other paper-intensive enterprise.

But custom document holders aren’t just organizational tools, they’re marketing tools as well. Because all of Evergreen’s document holders can be custom printed on either or both sides – utilizing a combination of digital and offset printing, foil stamping, and embossing techniques – it enables you to present your business or practice as polished, professional, and concerned about quality and detail…simply in the way you line up your paperwork.

Don’t keep your customers on hold while you search for the right form or document, let Evergreen help your business get organized and look professional with an order of custom document holders today.