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Evergreen Helps You Prepare For The Season

That special time of year when we open our wallets and checkbooks is fast approaching again.

With the New Year comes the new tax season!

After you’ve given your gifts to all the children and grand children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles on your list, it’s time to figure out what you owe Uncle Sam.

It’s a stressful time of year, but you can help eliminate the stress with high-quality tax preparation folders from Evergreen Manufacturing.

Ideal for accountants and certified tax preparers, Evergreen’s tax preparation folders are a great way to organize all of your clients’ tax documents and make them feel confident their taxes are in the right hands.

Available in a variety of die cuts, Evergreen folders can be custom sized to meet the dimensions of any tax preparation software.

And custom printing, embossing or foil stamping adds an even more professional, trustworthy appeal.

Evergreen’s tax preparation folders are also perfect for businesses and individuals.

Tax forms, receipts, deductions, investment slips – they all pile up and seem to get shuffled around throughout the year.

But tax preparation folders from Evergreen Manufacturing keep all these important documents grouped and organized so you can have confidence what you file will put a smile on Uncle Sam’s face.

Don’t wait until the lights and ornaments have come down from the evergreens. Be prepared this tax season by contacting Evergreen Manufacturing today.