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Organizing Legal Sized Documents Doesn't Have To Be A Tall Task

Legend has it a 24-year-old Massachusetts paper mill employee invented the legal pad in the early 1900s when a judge asked him to lengthen the pages to allow for more notes.

It may be a tall tale.

Nonetheless, that taller – 8.5” X 14” – page size people love to hate has been around for over 100 years and the prestige associated with legal sized documents has steadily grown beyond the legal arena.

Despite the efforts of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger, who tried to ban legal sized documents from the federal courts in 1982, or the Project ELF (Eliminate Legal Files) initiative in Florida, legal sized pages are still widely used for business presentations, real estate documents, tax reports, contracts, and financial reports. 

Their size undoubtedly adds to the important stature of the documentation they contain. 

But that extra three inches at the bottom makes legal sized documents difficult to organize and present.

They don’t fit inside standard folders or binders. And they don’t conform well to most file cabinets.

That’s why legal presentation folders from Evergreen Manufacturing are perfect for those institutions that still rely heavily on the prestige of legal sized documentation.

Evergreen’s legal presentation folders are a great way to organize and catalogue all your most important legal documents.

Evergreen’s folders are available in a variety of classic and modern stock and textures.

And because legal presentation folders from Evergreen can be customized with embossing, foil stamping or digital and offset printing techniques, you’re able to present your legal documents to clients and business associates in a way that adds to their distinguished appeal and strengthens your professional image.

Arranging and distributing your legal sized documents in a professional manner doesn’t have to be a tall order when you order legal presentation folders from Evergreen Manufacturing today.